"I took a picture because it'll last longer."

My name is Henry SENE Yee.
I'm a Kick Ass Award-Winning book cover designer taking pictures of my life in and around New York City.
Street Photography

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Today’s Sunset: 07/22/2014 #newyork @Henry Sene Yee

Beach Cross (at Ocean Grove Boardwalk)

Beach Access (at Ocean Grove Boardwalk)

Entering Asbury Park (at Asbury Park Boardwalk)

Ocean Grove Pier, NJ (at Ocean Grove Fishing Pier)

Darin K. is working @picadorusa (at Flatiron Building)

The Condiments of Eisenberg’s ©2014 Henry Sene Yee #eisenbergs #sandwich (at Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop)

The best #StarWars Strawberry Shortcake B’day Cake. Thanks, @leeannisabel @karenhorton :) #DarthVader (at Flatiron Building)

Tastiest B’day Cocktail: like a Tangy BBQ Bloody Mary. Gin, muddled line & cucumber, worcestshire, sugar & CHOLULA! The #RainesLawRoom staff are great (at The Raines Law Room)

My #DoctorWho Birthday mural drawn by David Curtis @dcurtisstudio #fez #tardis #dalek (at Flatiron Building)

My fine, fellow #Flatironauts surprised me with this generous B’day gift of Balvenie Scotch! Cheers @FlatironBooks (at Flatiron Building)

Saw a book trailer on TV based on my cover design for #ActOfWar by Brad Thor. Nice! #book #cover #design #trailer #BradThor

This little birdie is weathering the rain storm #flatiron (at Flatiron Building)

My #CardsAgainstHumanity #Haiku #EmmaWatson

#SuperMoon © Henry Sene Yee #blur #bokeh